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                                                                              Group First Meeting in Coleraine



COST 282 WG3 Meeting in Coleraine, UK, 24-26 May 2002

Tentative Agenda


The general idea of this 1st meeting of the COST 282 WG3 is to decide on how the WG should define itself in the future and what its activities should be. The main focus of the WG is intended to be in knowledge discovery and management in science, engineering, and business. As knowledge organization, usage, and evolution in these areas is increasingly a geographically distributed process, we expect that distributed computing issues are going to play a key role for this working group.


Friday, 24: Arrival of participants

As it stands, most participants won’t arrive until 1900h or later. So apart from checking in and a get-together for dinner, there is not much we can do.


ca. 8.00 pm

Dinner plus drink – venue is still to be decided.



Saturday, 25: Meeting

We have booked the Boardroom at the Science Park (adjacent to Coleraine University Main Building) from 9am to 6pm.


9.00 am

Welcome plus coffee/tea in the Boardroom at the Science Innovation Centre, Science Research Park, Cromore Road, Coleraine


9.15 am

Opening remarks


9.30 am

Short presentation/overview by participants on their work in relation to the general topic on diverse issues of (distributed) knowledge management.


Perhaps Dr John Cowper could start the proceedings at ca. 9.30 (on Data Warehousing) am and Prof Gerry Parr could follow, as John and Gerry will have to leave around lunch time.


The sequence of the rest of the presentations we should be able to schedule on the day.


12.30 pm

Lunch – no arrangements have been made yet as it is not absolutely clear how many participants will take part.


2.30 pm

Discussions on future activities of the working group.


ca. 7.30 pm

Dinner (and further discussions) –we will make a decision on where we will go on the day.



Sunday, 26: Departure of participants

For those who are not rushing to any airport very early in the morning we could try to organize a short trip to the famous Giant’s Causeway, which is only five miles down the road.


Giant’s Causeway



Meeting Venue:


Postal Address: Science Innovation Centre

Science Research Park (see virtual image below).

Cromore Road, Coleraine


This is the first (coming from the main road) of two modern buildings of the Science Park. The Science Park is ca. 500m to the right as seen from the main entrance of the University building, although it can not actually be seen from there. We hope to collect you on Saturday morning using private cars, alternatively you could take a long walk (ca. 30-40 mins) or a cab (ca. £5.00). Otherwise taxi drivers should know where the building is.





Enlarged Map of Ireland



Enlarged map of Northern Ireland



Enlarged Campus








Local contact:

Phone: +44-(0)28-70-324478 (work), Werner Dubitzky, Daniel Berrar

Phone: +44-(0)28-70-327683 (home), Werner Dubitzky





The Lodge Hotel

Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, BT52 1NF

Northern Ireland


Tel : +44-(0)28-70-244848


Note, you should mention when you check out that you are entitled to the University rate of £41/night (breakfast included), as opposed to the standard rate of £54. Ask for Donna, she confirmed the University rate to me. (£1.00 ~ €1.60).


They said there is the possibility of music until 12:30h on Friday and Saturday night. But hey! This is Ireland!




How final this list is we will only find out next weekend. But as things stand, most of the people below will actually be there.


  • Prof Carlos Bento, University of Coimbra, Portugal (knowledge discovery/management), WG3 Co-Chair, E-mail:
  • Prof Geerd Diercken, Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics, Germany, (computational chemistry and OpenMolGRID), E-mail:
  • Dr Francisco Azuaje, Trinity College Dublin, Rep. of Ireland (Bioinformatics), E-mail:
  • Prof Jim Austin, University of York, UK (e-Science project), E-mail:
  • Prof Leon Bobrowski, Bialystok Uni, Poland (advanced data mining, biotechnolgoy), E-mail:
  • Mr Chaitanya Athale, German Cancer Research Center, Germany (e-cell, molecular, modelling, bionformatics), E-mail:
  • Prof Riccardo Bellazzi, Univ of Pavia, Italy (medical informatics), E-mail:
  • Prof Werner Dubitzky (host), Uni of Ulster, UK, WG3 Co-Chair, E-mail:
  • Mr Daniel Berrar (host), Uni of Ulster, UK, E-mail:
  • Prof Gerard Parr, Uni of Ulster, UK (distributed computing technology), E-mail:
  • Dr Melanie Hilario, email:, CUI - University of Geneva (on collaboration with Swiss Bioinformatics Institute)
  • Dr John Cowper,  The Data Warehousing Practice (NI) Limited,



Those claiming expenses from the EU COST 282 budget should not forget to bring along all filled in forms and their tickets so that we can photocopy them. Remember, there is a fixed allowance the EU pays, so we don’t need bills from the hotel/B&B. Please do check everything about the claiming procedure out well before you come here, as the procedures are quite intricate and detailed (e.g., you need the postal address details of your bank). The claims will only be processed if all participants have submitted their claims. So if one person waits with his or her claim all others have to wait too.


The  link to the reimbursement forms for those entitled to reimbursement under COST is:


Go to this COST site under menu option Documents and then the link Reimbursement Forms. There you find the reimburement forms on the top in the different languages.

All participants entitled to reimursement must use these forms. And those that have never been reimbursed by the EC must also supply a second form -- see bottom of page with different country formats for this form. EC is very rigorous concerning these procedures. So please provide all information asked for in these forms